Select Board Meeting-Executive Session @ 4:45PM, 1MRSA 405(6)A Personnel-Executive Session @ 5:00PM, 1MRSA 405(6)E Consultation w/Legal Counsel, Regular Selectboard Meeting @ 6:00PM

Event Date: 
Monday, April 8, 2024 - 4:45pm

Select Board Agenda - 

Zoom meeting information

Topic: Select Board
Time: 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 818 4081 0889
Passcode: 650520

        +1 646 558 8656 US


  1. Call the Select Board meeting to order
    Roll Call: June Caron, Robin Cyr, Melissa Patterson, Patrick Turlo
  2. Motion to adjourn to Executive Session
  3. Reconvene Selectboard meeting
    Roll Call: June Caron, Robin Cyr, Melissa Patterson, Patrick Turlo
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Review Secretary Minutes:  
  6. Animal Control Officer (as needed):
  7. Town Clerk (as needed):
    1. Sign River Herring Ordinance motioned at 3/25/24 meeting
  8. Town Treasurer/Tax Collector:
    1. Warrants/Foreclosures/Assessor supplements and/or abatements
  9. Road Commissioner/Sewer Director(as needed):
  10. Code Enforcement Officer (as needed):
  11. Planning Board (as needed):
  12. Citizens Concerns: Public comments on non-agenda items (Two minute limit + 2 minutes w/chair approval)
  13. Old Business:
    1. Sidewalks
    2. Town Oar
    3. New Roof for Town Office
    4. Heat Pump cleaning
    5. Sink clogging issue
    6. Roads/Not Roads
    7. Phones
    8. Security cameras
  14. New Business (as time allows):
    1. Vacant lots/sewer fees
    2. Flags for Veteran's grave sites
  15. Other:
  16. Next meeting:  Anticipated dates: 4/15/24, 4/29/24,& 5/13/24 @ 6PM
  17. Adjourn

Select Board Meeting and Public Hearing Protocol
Select Board meetings are open to public observation.  The Board provides an opportunity for public input during the Citizen Concerns section of each meeting's agenda.  If you wish to speak, raise your hand to be recognized, stand, state your name for the record, and nature of your business.  Comments should be courteous.   Personal remarks or accusatory comments are always out of order and will be ruled as such.  Each discussion may be limited to 2 minutes. Should the matter need further research or discussion the question will be noted and may be reviewed during a future meeting.  The Board shall not be expected to respond or take action immediately.  The Chair or a majority of the Select Board may close public comment at any time.  All attendees are requested to be courteous by creating no noise when another person is speaking.
Agenda items are the work outline for the Board, the public has a right to comment during the discussion of these items, only when called upon by the Chair.  The Chair shall have the authority to call the question and cease discussion or debate on a matter.  Unless one or more members of the Board objects the Chair may determine that agreement on simple matters has been reached by consensus, which shall be reflected in the meeting minutes.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and participation with the Benton Select Board.
When Monday meetings are canceled due to inclement weather, the meeting will be held Wednesday weather permitting.