For info and photos of the July 20, 2011 event, click here.


The 2010 recipients of the Spirit of American Award were Rock LaCroix, Gary Dixon and Patrick Turlo for their efforts in moving the Brian L. Buker Memorial from a site on the East Benton Road to the current location at the Town Office and Benton Riverfront Park with the Benton Veterans Memorial.   Pictured below are Selectman Kimberley Cormier, Rock LaCroix, Gary Dixon, First Selectman Ryan Liberty (back) and Patrick Turlo.   
Photographer - Selectman Melissa Patterson.

2019 Spirit of America Recipient

 Kathe Bolster. Thank you for the hundreds of hours you donate to the town of Benton annually.

Veteran's Memorial Wall at the Benton Town Office

The 2009 recipient of the Benton Spirit of America Award was Richard Lawrence, the Town’s Alewife Warden, who devoted many hours of volunteer effort including work with the State DEP and contractors to ensure the Town of Benton’s alewife fishery was a working (and profitable) venture.  Pictured below are First Selectman Mark Brown, Selectman Kimberley Cormier, Rick Lawrence and Selectman Ryan Liberty.


The 2015 recipient's of the Spirit of America Award are JMG Students (Jobs for Maine Graduates) & Jacob Marcoux. JMG students put in over 100 volunteer hours at our annual Alewife Festival and Lobster/Alewife dinner. Pictured: Selectman Antoine Morin, (Student) Nicole Kenney, (Student) Fernando Cuares, (Student) Lisa Hannon, (Teacher) Jacob Marcoux, First Selectman Dan Chamberlain & Selectman Melissa Patterson. 

2018 Spirit of America Recipient Tim Martin- The Benton Fun Park. Pictured Tim Martin. Thank you Tim, for your countless hours of volunteer service for area youth.


The Spirit of America Award is presented in the name of Maine municipalities to local individuals, organizations and projects for commendable community service.

The initial recipient of the Benton Spirit of America Award (2008) was the Park and Veterans Committee for their efforts in beautifying and maintaining the Benton Riverfront Park including the addition of a Veterans Memorial site as part of the park.  Committee members and Selectmen pictured below from left to right are Kim Cormier (Selectman), Robin Patterson, Gary Dixon, Patrick Turlo (back), Idele Luce, Sharon Dixon, Ryan Liberty (back, Selectman) and First Selectman Mark Brown.  Other Committee members not present for photo: Richard Lawrence, Virginia Richards and Clinton Dyer.

For a list of all Veteran's listed on our wall click here .

Brian L. Buker / Frank W. Haskell Medal of Honor Bridge

Benton First Congregational Church bell which was cast by Paul Revere.*  [photo by Ryan Liberty]

* The bell was moved from Boston by schooner up the Kennebec River in 1828 then taken by flatboat up the Sebasticook River.  The bell apparently was accidently dropped in the Sebasticook during the move from the flatboat to shore.   To read more, click here.

Information about the early history of Benton, click here.  

Information about the Town Meeting in 1842 can be viewed here.

To view the Benton Town map from 1845, click here.

To view info from the 1909 publication "THE TOWN REGISTER," click here:  1909.
To view the 1909 Map from THE TOWN REGISTER, click here.

The Citation for Brian L. Buker Medal of Honor can be found here.

The 2011 recipient of the Spirit of America Award was Rusty Bell for his donations trophies to the community, support of the honor roll program with free go-cart rides and mini-golf, support of the summer reading program, free batting cage use for PAL baseball teams and sponsorship of PAL teams.  Pictured below are Bruce Flaherty of the Spirit of American Foundation, Selectman Melissa Patterson, Selectman Kimberly Cormier, Rusty Bell and First Selectman Ryan Liberty.

The 2012 recipient of the award was Sheriff Randy Liberty for his efforts above and beyond the call-of-duty in promoting safety for Benton residents and assisting veterans in need.  Sheriff Liberty volunteered his time and efforts in support of the Benton Alewife Festival contributing to the success and safety of an outstanding Benton event.

The 2013 recipient of the Spirit of America Award was Nancy Marcoux.  She helped and continues to help - Benton residents through her dedication and hard work at the Fairfield Interfaith Food Pantry.  Pictured:Nancy Marcoux

Boston Post Cane

The 2017 recipient's of the Spirit of America Award are Leo & June Caron. Mr. Caron has volunteered to be Benton's Hazardous Waste Day Representative, he is a member of the Planning Board, Budget Committee, & Alewife Festival Committee Member. Mrs. Caron is the Chairman for the Benton Alewife Festival. 

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