While the Planning Board issues Shoreland Zoning and Conditional Use Permits, the Code Enforcement Officer is able to take action on many projects and building permits that don't requirePlanning Board action or approval,and he will advise applicants if Planning Board approval/action is required.

For rules regarding setbacks and minimum lot sizes, refer to the Land Use Ordinance Manual which is listed under our CEO on this page.

The following standards for single-family detached dwellings are excerpted from the Land Use Ordinance manual:

Minimum Lot size (for single family detached dwelling). 
       10,000 sq. ft. (sewered) - Village, Industrial and Growth Districts
       20,000 sq. ft. (unsewered) - Village, Industrial and Growth Districts
       30,000 sq. ft. - Rural District.

Minimum Street Frontage.
       125 feet - Village and Growth Districts 
       150 feet - Rural and Industrial Districts

Minimum Front Setback.
       15 feet - Village and Growth Districts
       25 feet - Rural District
       50 feet - Industrial District

Minimum Side Setback and Rear Setback.
       10 feet [Residential] - Village, Industrial, Rural and Growth Districts 
       20 feet [Commercial, Industrial, Other] - Village, Industrial, Rural and Growth Districts


Planning Board


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Leo Caron- Co- Chair

Patricia Lanning- Chair
Darcy Dow- Alt, Secretary
Kathy Bolster
Lance Shores

June Caron- Alt.
Daniel Bealieu-Alt, Co-Secretary

The Benton Planning Board meets at 6:00 PM on the second Tuesday of every month at the Benton Town Office.  The meeting is open to the public.  General concerns or questions will be handled by the Board.  However, anyone with business for the Planning Board including permits and conditional use applications should contact the Benton Town Office 453-7191 to be put on the agenda for the meeting.  Requests to be on the agenda must be made at least 7 days prior to the meeting date.

Land Use Ordinance Manual     

Benton Zoning Map

1991 Benton Land Use Map

Rural District Basic Information

Village and Growth District Info

Industrial District Basic Information

Land Use Application

Conditional Use Permit Application

Change of Use Permit Application

Plumbing Application

Benton Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Benton Floodplain Ordinance


David Savage: 649-4760

Copies of tax cards can be e-mailed.  To receive a tax card via e-mail, call (453-7191), fax (453-4428) or e-mail ( bentonstaff@gmail.com ) - the Town Office staff.


Susan Giguere-Secretary

Ron Hood

David Christen

Eric Cyr

William White- Alt

Luke Schadle

Ricky Gower-Alt